'Janine Cattanach's ATSI Cultural Awareness Training was received extremely well by the Glastonbury Board. Janine's story telling aproach works very well and was appropriately engaging. The learnings for the Board and the Agency were important and identified the appropriate policies, processes and practices to ensure a sound, rigorous and sensitive approach for a strong culturally safe agency'.

Sandy Morrison
CEO, Glastonbury Community Services
• Working with Janine has really improved our knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture, helping us to more effectively engage with Aboriginal people and their families.

• The workshops have helped staff develop the skills and confidence to work in a more culturally sensitive and informed way with Aboriginal people who may be experiencing problems with their mental health. We are more confident that together we can help to create better mental health outcomes for Aboriginal people and their communities.

• Janine’s personal style and approach to the workshops is refreshing and highly engaging. Janine’s enthusiasm and positive nature made us feel relaxed, whilst her expertise in Aboriginal mental health provided us with a broad and rich range of tools and strategies to use in a more culturally appropriate way.

Caroline Byrne
South West Healthcare Director Mental Health Services
RPN, Post Grad Dip Social Sciences(Drug Dependence),
Grad Dip Business(Health Admin),
Master Applied Science(Innovation and Service Management),
listed in Who’s Who of Australian Women
In 2013 Barwon Youth recognised the need to develop its understanding of Aboriginal culture in line with strategic objectives around Inclusion, Practice Development and Leadership in the Community Sector. The decision was made to provide training to all staff at Barwon Youth. We were looking for training that covered Aboriginal cultural dynamics and history as well as strategies for workers at
the coalface. Janine's "Other Ways of Knowing" Workshop really met our needs and has enhanced our practice.Janine took the time to gain an understanding of Barwon Youth and the requirements of our staff, and tailored her training package to suit. Workers took away with them an improved understanding of Aboriginal culture, and the tools to use that understanding to better communicate with and
support our Aboriginal young people and their families.
Feedback from evaluations provided by Janine and directly from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have a number cases where we have been able to improve the level of engagement and support we are providing as a direct result of the training and strategies Janine provided.
We would strongly recommend Janine's compelling approach to, and delivery of, culturally sensitive training.

John Townsend
Chief Executive Officer
Barwon Youth

Janine Cattanach has provided an essential addition to our Bachelor of Social Work degree program by teaching students Aboriginal notions of social and emotional well-being and the implications of this for social work practice.   This she has done in creative and sensitive ways that really helped our students understand on a deep level and in a lasting way.  The resources used during the sessions are both visually appealing and professional, and the activities she designed for students to practice various skills are both engaging and practical.  Overall, the sessions helped students to develop insight into ways they can recognise and respect cultural differences, not only in their social work practice, but in their everyday lives.

Dr Sophie Goldingay
Senior Lecturer
Bachelor of Social Work Course Leader
Deakin University School of Health and Social Development